Touchpad unresponsive since last Zorin 16.3 updates

HI, I don't know if I posted this in the right category, but maybe it helps others experiencing the same problems.

My problem was related to issue 31108, in that I received almost the same error flashing during boot ([ 1. 028038] amd_gpio AMDI0030:00: Invalid config param 0013); the difference being in the first number. And also related to Issue 30499, differences being that I still had sound and an AMD based motherboard.

Until mid October everything worked fine on my ASUS MD712D, using Zorin Core 16.3, but since the updates after this date the touchpad became unresponsive. The system still discovered the existence of the touchpad, but only with a lot of effort could I get some slight movement out of the cursor. And since the updates the error message during boot appeared.

When I restored an image from mid-Oktober everything worked fine again, until I let the Software Updater do it's thing, then both problems re-appeared. A full re-install produced the same results.

I applied the advice of Aravisian in post 56 of Issue 31108 and installed the 6.03 kernel, which in my case solved both issues. Have not experienced any other problems yet. So could there be some driver problems with the latest kernel-updates within Zorin coming in via Software Updater?

I switched this to Feedback so that the @staff can review this issue.

Funny thing BTW is that I copied Aravisian's command: "sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-6.03" which installed kernel version 6.3.13-060313-generic. I would have expected a 6.03.xxxxx version? Is my understanding not correct here?

It is just how TuxInvader named his package in his repository. I am not certain as to his reason why. It threw me for a loop the very first time I saw it.

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