Touchscreen breaks touchpad and keyboard

Hello all,

I've been running Zorin OS 15 and now moved to 16 on this Lenovo Helix.

I've discovered multiple issue so far :

If I don't touch the trackpad during boot it will not work but keyboard, touchscreen and pen will.

If I use touchscreen and/or pen, the trackpad stops working until I reboot and re-do step 1.

Sometimes even the keyboard stops working when using the touchscreen.

Any tips on how to resolve ?


This sounds like libinput or touchpad-synaptics issue. Can you please check which you have installed?

Hello Aravisian,

Tried both command and both return : Command not found.

Decided to run and apt install with the command provided and libinput was installed but synaptics was not.

Upon doing the synaptics installed, it is resolved.

Thank you very much for your expertise.

Your input fixed the touchscreen / trackpad issue at boot and when in use, but realized that if I disconnect the screen from the track pad and keyboard (Surface style) the trackpad does not come back until I reboot.

Any clue ?

Sounds like just disconnecting without termination of the process crashes it. It cannot restart unless told to or re-initialized (Which rebooting re-initializes.)

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