Touchscreen not working on Zorin 16 Core for Acer Switch One 10

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I have installed Zorin 16 Core on my Acer Switch One 10 (this laptop ->

Everything works except the touchscreen, it ain't working at all.

I've searched through the forum and nothing much turns up so it'll be great if anybody can help.

Thank you.

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A lot of people are away from the forum, celebrating Christmas holiday, so you may have to wait for normal service to be resumed.
You say you have searched this forum for your problem, which is commended. You can also widen your web search using something like "Acer Switch One 10 touchscreen ubuntu 20.04" as search term.
This is one item I found as result of that. I do not know if it will help you:

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Thank you but the article doesn't seem to relate to a touchscreen problem. I have no problems installing Zorin 16 but I've come across suggestions for Fedora 35 Workstation or Fedora Spins.

Nevertheless, my preference is to make Zorin 16 work before trying other flavors of Linux.

Have you tried the Acer website?

Acer touchscreen doesn’t work in linux

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Hi Buddy, think I've seen that but it was the same article that lead me to a working touchscreen on Fedora Workstation out of the bat. I'm hoping Zorin works because it's less stressful on system requirements.

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