Touchscreen stopped on a HP Spectre X2 Pro

Hi everyone, Since last week I'm using Zorin OS 16 Lite on a HP Spectre X2 Pro. Everything is/was working perfect till today. My touhscreen doesn't react anymore. I'm new to linux. Any help woulod be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi nev and welcome to the forum. Can I ask that you edit your forum profile to state that you are using "Lite". That will then help us help you in the future.

I found a number of threads here when seraching for "HP touchscreen", including Does anyone know how i can get touchscreen to work in zorin lite?
I am not sure if anyone has found a soloution though.

You can also widen search on internet, using "HP touchscreen Ubuntu 20.04" and see what comes up.

While a different model, this link mentions testing if it works in BIOS. Can you try that?

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