TP-LINK WN-725N drivers not recognized (RTL8188EUS) [Zorin Lite]

Hi, I am using Zorin Lite 16, with a TP-LINK WN725N WiFi adapter, to install the drivers I followed this tutorial:

The problem is that every time there is an update of Zorin and Kernel, I have to repeat the process because my computer stops detecting the adapter. Also the signal of the adapter is around 0-3%.

What is the correct way to install the driver for this model? Can it be done via PPA as shown in this guide?

If so, how do I remove the other drivers? I used cd rtl8188eu & sudo make uninstall, is that enough?

On TP-LINK official website there is a Linux version but is only for Kernel 2.6-4.3, and the most current Kernel in Zorin is 5.15. Is there no way to make these drivers default to Zorin in the future?

I attach information from the terminal:
lsusb command:

Thanks in advance.

Is this any help: What is the problem? - #16 by Aravisian

What you need is DKMS - Dynamic Kernel Module Support.

Your hardware, I believe would use the 8188eu driver... This is available from lwfinger (Larry Finger) or from kelebk333. Let's try Kelebk first:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/kablosuz

sudo apt update

sudo apt install rtl8188eu-dkms

Thanks mate, but in the end I opted to use the PPA version of kelebk333 for the rtl8188eu version that @Aravisian mentioned.

It works fine apparently. (The problem of lower intensity in difference to Windows continues, but it works fine).

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