Trackpad buttons error

So basically when I use the left button on the trackpad, most of the time it detects it as if I were pressing the right button. Any solution to this?

It may be a setting:

Already did it, still the same. They act like they're the same button, if I put primary button on left, they both act like right buttons, and vice versa. In fact, when I turn on the PC it starts working well, but a few minutes later it starts doing that

What is the exact make and model machine?

I'm sorry, what you mean with make and model machine? Like the PC?

Yes, is it an HP, Dell, MSI? What Model of Manufacturer is it?

The manufacturer is EXO. The model is Smart XS3


Yes, that one

Have you tried installing this driver:

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

and restarting the notebook to test?