Trackpad gestures

I finally installed zorin ultimate in my main laptop too. but I am trying to find out two things now. first and most important, make the gestures work. I installed “extended gestures” from the software center. and in gnome tweak I can see this setting for gestures. but they don’t seem to work. do I have to change any user input or rights or anything, what do I have to do to make the gestures work.

and my second question is how to make three fingers up show the activity (like when you hit super), what is the command for activity (also helpful if I want to change/add keyboard shortcut for it)? I want super to show the menu but I want another button combination and gestures show the activity

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My machinery is too old to recognize the great many gestures I make to it. Though, Linus Torvalds would be proud of some of them.
Here are some links on gestures:

Which is about as helpful as I suspect I can be.

so it all comes back to install libinput gestures. but then why don’t the gnome gesture extension work?

for people having the same issue or just want to know how to make it work.
in the login screen choose to start zorin with wayland (the gear icon when you click on the user profile). install this extension, set the commands how you like and enjoy. the list of commands is limited, so if you want more commands then it’s better to go with libinput (and GUI libinput). but for switching between workspaces and activities, it’s enough

Did you go for Wayland before or after the reply to your other post? Wayland vs not wayland?

Just asking, no inquisition :wink:

when I made the post I just went with wayland and saw that the gestures worked. then I was concerned about the side effects of it so I made that other post

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