Transparency gradient of the top menu bar


I would like to know if it is possible to change the transparency gradient of the top menu bar?
To make it more transparent in ZoriOs 16 Pro.

Thank you

This can probably be achieved by using an rgba (the a is for Alpha) value for the panel background in the gnome-shell.css file of the specific theme that you are using.

There's a extension that can do that. I had used it before. I think this is the one:


Thanks Elegant_Emperor was exactly what I wanted ...
Is there a way to increase / decrease the transparency or what appears is a fixed parameter?

Thanks Maurizio

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You can open the "extensions" app and click the gear icon next yo "Dynamic Panel Transparency" to access the settings.
Here's what it looks like at 30% opacity when all windows are unmaximised.

And this is 0% opacity.

By the way, please mark my previous post as the solution, since that's correct one.

I did it.

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