Transparent network share access within Active Directory environment

Hi there,

In my lab, I choose Zorin as my "desktop Linux distro" and I setup a VM to play around with.

I installed and joined the VM to my AD during install without any issue (login works great) and I can access a network share by putting my credentials without any issue.

Thing is: I need to put my credentials twice to get access to that share and I'd like to go a bit further and have a "transparent" access to the shares like on a Windows machine.

It's probably missing some packet/configuration but as I'm still learning Linux, I don't know which one... and following Ubuntu tutorials also might not be the most efficient way to install the minimum required.

Any advice to give me? Thanks in advance! :wink:

I used to work from home at start of lockdown until I retired. Ironically, a month before I retired I learned how to login to the secure connection. Initially I had been reliant on connecting via Edge of a Windows 8.1 Pro VM. Ironically I had to enter my credentials not once but three times to access the shared directory. Enter Remmina Remote which is present on Zorin. All I had to do was point to the cpub.exe file that got downloaded in Edge to make the connection. See if you can do a search on Remmina and Active Directory.

Hi @swarfendor437 :slight_smile:

I try to access a share that is on a Synology, but it is also joined to Active Directory and accesses are managed through access groups.

I looked into Remmina and thanks a lot, it is a great RDP software, which I'll need anyway later on but I didn't quite get the thing with cpub.exe to access the network shares. Can you explain a bit? Thx! :wink:

(PS: Yes! I googled Remmina + AD :upside_down_face:)

OK, when I had to log in to secure web page, After initial login I got basic apps panel then when needing to access the shared resource drive at work it downloads an .exe, in my case, cpub.exe which installed the login interface to access the shared resource drive. In my case I copied the downloaded .exe to a usb stick, then copied that to my Devuan desktop. Then all I had to do was point Remmina to the cpub.exe. This meant I could access my Z:/ drive (my work desktop) as well as the shared resource drive. One login with Remmina instead of 3 with Windows and Edge. No browser required with Remmina. Superior GNU/Linux wins again. I shared a screenshot with th IT Department who unsurprisingly never responded!


Sorry, but I dont get it and I don't think it has anything to do with what I want to achieve.

When I login in Zorin through Active Directory, I know I have a Kerberos ticket cached somewhere. I want to be able to pass that ticket to my NAS transparently so I can have access to the shares where I'm allowed to.

But I'm wondering if it is even possible, I could not find anything from Ubuntu either (Zorin is based on Ubuntu)

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