Transparent start menu

Please help me with the following:

  1. make the start menu semi-transparent or transparent in Zorin 15.
  2. Place the trash can in the taskbar.
    It is understood that if it works in Zorin 15, it will also work in Zorin 16.
    Thank you very much.

Which flavour of Z15 do you have Core or Lite?
If Core with Gnome desktop, then you can install Gnome Tweaks from Software.
There is a tool in that which allows you to set levels of transparancy for your taskbar.

As for your second question. What options do you see if you right click the trashcan icon (Im not on Zorin right now). Something like "add to Favorites" comes to mind, but I'm not sure if you can add trashcan or other folders to the taskbar. Others may be able to advise.

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Thank you very much for your response.