Trashcan icon-change broken

Hi everyone,
first of all, I am completely new to Zorin OS, so please, be patient...

I changed the trashcan icon. Ever since then the icon-change empty/full doesn't work any more. How can I repair that?

How did you change it?

In most icon sets, there are different trash can icons to show empty or full.
These are in the Places folder.

I went into properties and set the new icon. I know, there are two icons, but I don't know how to apply them to full/empty...

Ah, ok. Are you on Zorin OS Core or Lite?

First step might be to make a copy of your preferred icon set placed in ~/.icons and transfer its ownership to your user account. Then, you can make all the changes that you want to.

I use Zorin Core.

I have full access to the icons themselves, but I have to tell the OS: "Use "trashcan_ empty" if there are no files inside and " trashcan_full" if there are."
How can I do that?

At the moment I see "trashcan_empty" no matter if there are files inside or not.

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Did You changed only the Trash Icon or the whole Icon Set? Because when you change the whole Set it should automatically use the right One's.

I have made the Experience that an Icon Set can not have seperate Icons for Trash full and Trash empty.

I think, this is the problem. I only changed the icon. I found the correct syntax for the config-file, but I don't know how/where to use it...

I'm not sure I understand the issue; how do you know it's not working? Are able to navigate the files inside it? Are you able to remove files? Do you not see the option to empty trash?

On my end this seems to work normally after selecting a random icon for it:

Try to remove the icon from Zorin Appearance, and add it again.

In the icon set folders, you will see a folder called Places. This is where the trash can icons reside either in scalable or a sized folder like 128x128, 64x64...

The file names applicable to Core are (the file format can be .png or .svg, whatever):
user-trash.png < This one is the full trash or default trash icon

The problem is: The moment I move a file to the trashcan, the icon remains the empty trashcan. I can navigate through the file in the trashcan and empty it completely normally. Removing the icon and add it again was my first thought. Unfortunately it didn't work.

The icons are, where they are supposed to be and the names are correct. The only problem is the icon doesn't change from the empty to the filled trashcan the moment I move (delete) a file there...

Check the icon set Status folder for

I just changed back to Zorin standard, but the problem remains.
In /usr/share/icons/Zorin/512×512/places
I have the following files:
trashcan_empty.svg and trashcan_full.svg, both with an arrow in the lower right corner and user-trash.svg and user-trash-full.svg
There are no trashcan-related files in /usr/share/icons/Zorin/512×512/status

This means that file is a symlink that directs from an existing file. I use a lot of symlinks in my icon sets, as well, to avoid having redundant bloat.

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