Tray icons overflow menu

My tray menu is getting pretty busy and long now.

Are there any gnome extensions that work with zorin that would enable hiding some of the icons in an overflow menu, just like windows does? Or other ways that I could reduce the space the icons take up?

There's probably only half of them where I actually need the icons to be visible all of the time.

I did try a couple of extensions but neither worked.

The one(s) that are availble are for Gnome 45 and 46, sorry.

Is Zorin 17.1 Gnome 44?

I keep forgetting where to look to find that info myself!

I think it's 42. I can't recall it. You can see it in settings --> about

I had looked there and couldn't find it, checked again and doesn't seem to be there on Zorin:

I did spot it somewhere else though in Tweaks > About Tweaks - 43.9


This extension can be used to replace the "Zorin taskbar" extension.

The Zorin extension was probably made from a fork of this one. However, the original has many options that are not present in Zorin extension.


Thanks, I'll give that a try later.

Thanks, have made some tweaks, just a little more versatile isn't it.