Tried Fedora 38, staying with Zorin

They finally fixed the app store so thought about switching. Stock Gnome is sorta cool with its simplicity, but kinda ugly with its black backgrounds and chunky dock. But Blur My Shell and Dash to Dock fix those pretty well.

The desktop is always zooming in and out so only graphic wallpapers look good, which is all they provide as stock. That's what finally turned me off. It's nice having scenic wallpapers that don't move.

And I much prefer scrolling thru workspaces vertically with the Workspace Indicator extension.


My list for Fedora 38 extensions is:
Blur My Shell
Dash to Dock
Lock Keys
Replace Activities Label
Rounded Window Corner
Transparent Window Moving
Tray Icons: Reloaded

Then I'm happy :slight_smile:


Does your install respect dark mode? When I tried it in a VM or thumb-drive, Pinta and Sweet Home 3D did not switch.

Everything is much newer, of course. Tho that means lots of extensions won't work without a hack.

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Pinta and Sweet Home 3D is properly still GTK3 or QT engines which why they aren't affected by dark mode. However libAdwaita has been ported to GTK3 and can be dwonloaded via flatpak.

Found the extensions I use already ported to 44.

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I have never cared much for Fedora myself. It takes something like Nobara to make it decent (imo)

Less stability and less access to software than Ubuntu/Debian. The few minor features you get in return just are not worth it.

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The zooming might drive me nuts. You can see why they use graphic wallpapers and not scenic ones.


Back on Zorin after 24 hrs. Kinda got tired of all the bonking and zooming and having stuff at the top of the screen. With my old PCs, it doesn't matter that the kernel and version of Gnome are old.

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Not that I am trying to sway you from Zorin but if you have any particular reason to want Fedora I would give Nobara a shot.

Personally I have always had a lot more issues with Fedora distros (and worse software support) so I tend to stick to Ubuntu LTS releases. So if you don’t have a specific reason I would just stick with Zorin but if there is anything in particular about Fedora you need/want I really recommend Nobara. Has a Zorinish UI and fixes a lot of Fedora’s rough edges.

I think your problem is more with GNOME than with Fedora. Fedora ships an almost vanilla version of the GNOME desktop, and that kind of zooming in/out is how actually stock GNOME works. If you don't like how GNOME behaves you may be interested in different DEs, like Budgie or Cinnmon. I personally like GNOME and how it behaves in general. I usually install a couple of extensions to polish it and make it behave the way I like, but my customisations still retain 95% of GNOME stock behaviour. This has nothing to do with my distro choices. I'm daily driving Arch, but I install Zorin to my relatives PC because I think it's a polished and ready to go distro, with virtually no learning curve for non technical users. Fedora isn't crafted with new linux users in mind. It's a cutting edge developer distro, aimed at technical users that want the latest and greatest and that already know how to use linux. So it's a very different distro from Zorin. I wouldn't compare them because they are both great with their respective target audience.

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