Tried Pop! OS but like Zorin better

I was recently given a desktop PC and decided since everything on it needed to be wiped that I would try Pop! OS and see what it was like. I don't know enough about DEs to be able to judge them very well but I do know what works for me and what doesn't.
I may not have set everything up right for POP! Os but the DE just seemed really awkward. To open a program I had to click on activities at the top left then select a drop down window on the left and then that opened the program icons so I could then open the program I wanted to open. And if I wanted to open a second program it seemed I was supposed to actually open another page. All this didn't seem very helpful to me.

I use Zorin for writing Sunday School lessons among other things. I have my task bar at the bottom set up with the shortcuts to all the programs I use regularly. I can open my Bible program and LibreOffice and my browser all on the same page with one just in front of the rest. When I want to switch pages I just click on the shortcut on the task bar and that window immediately is in front. Or I could resize them and have them side by side but normally I just am looking at one at a time so having them one behind another is not a problem as it is so easy to click on the one I want to move to the front. I can jump from looking at references online to my Bible verses or my page I am writing on with just one click. Many thanks to the Zorin guys for making a very easy to use OS.


On your panel there is a 9 square icon, click on it that will open your application menu

The activities can be configured so you don't have to click on anything

I have my POP OS setup with Dash To Panel extension replacement of both Gnome panel, and POP Cosmic. This gives me more flexibility to have things the way I want.

I think that Zorin OS is best for beginners. I think POP OS is best for hardcore gamers. I am glad your enjoying Zorin OS 16.

Youve already discovered the beauty of Linux on your adventure. Linux gives you choices, and let's you make the choice.


It’s been too many weeks ago now to recall any specifics but I found PopOS to be a meh experience. I find Zorin much more to my liking as well. This might be at least in part because I am not a gamer.


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