Triple Boot--Common Data Folder Placement between Zorin 16 Pro and Pro Lite on Office desktop

Zorin 16 Pro (Z16P) worked OK but the Computer Freezing started getting old. After a lot of head scratching and many questions ask on this forum I went with Zorin 16 Pro Lite Z16PL). I am really glad I did now the overall looks & feel is so much better than Zorin 16 Pro.
I am now installing applications to match Z16P. I am down to installing Thunderbird and PX3 OneNote (used to store sale invoices), Thunderbird being first. I need to have TB stored data to be same folder & location so if I am on Z16PL and switch to Z16P any new email comes in It can be read from either OS..

Is their a way to have Z16PL version to use the Document folder in Z16P. If not I guess I could have TB's Profile be stored in Other Location in a new Folder named Zorin Documents?

I really need some help. Is there a way to have data stored in a location where Z16Pro and Z16PLite both can use it?

I think I may be not understanding where the issue is...
Zorin OS Lite and Zorin OS Pro access data in the exact same way.
If it is visible on Pro, it should equally be so on Lite.

Is the partition you are trying to access an NTFS partition?

Let me try this in a different way. Thunderbird and OneNote store their data in the Document folder. Zorin16 PRO Lite has it's own document folder and Zorin16 Pro has it's own document folder.
I need the data to be stored in the same Document Folder. Then no matter which Zorin OS i am using email will be in same profile. Then with OneNote I would not have orders 23001-23010, 23011 in the Lite Document folder and 23012 in the Pro Document Folder.

Hope that Is that better?

So, would you want to Symlink the /home/$USER/Documents folder on one or both Zorin Editions to one location?

Does that mean I can keep all folders in Home Zorin 16 Pro and allow Zorin 16 Pro LITE use that Home?
If I read it correctly you can use just the TB profile folder and just the OneNote data folder instead of the whole HOME dir. is that correct?
Sometime in future I may do away with Z16Pro and just use X16PLite.

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Yes on both counts.

I may need to rethink this. I placed a dummy order on the LITE OS opened TB and downloaded the order. Then log out of LITE & logged back in on Z16Pro. Opened TB and the dummy order was there in the Inbox. I am going to install P3x OneNote and see what goes there.

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