Triple boot Zorin on macOS with Windows installed via Boot Camp?

First off, big fan. I installed Zorin on a Dell Latitude and absolutely dig it. I had to hand down the laptop to my teenager for school, but still want Zorin as an option for daily use.

I've got a MacBook that is running macOS 12.4 and Windows 10 that was installed via Boot Camp. I use both OSs for one reason or another. I'd like to install Zorin alongside the two in a triple boot configuration :crazy_face: I've kept the bootable Zorin USB from the Dell installation and began the process, but it seems to get stuck on the updates and other software step.

I've perused some forum topics, but haven't seen an identical issue. If anyone has some additional insights to help me accomplish this I'd be very grateful. Many thanks in advance.

To install on a Macbook, you may need to use rEFInd.
On Windows, ensure that Fast Startup or Fast Boot is disabled in the Control Panel > Power settings.

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