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I'm running Zorin 12.4 on a Lenovo x220 laptop. My preferred BT client, QBittorrent, does not seem to have the option to start manually and so opens when I boot my laptop, before any of my usb drives have mounted. This means exiting QBT, manually mounting all my USB drives, then re-starting QBT. Thinking I could solve this problem by enabling automatic mounting in Gnome Disks' "edit mount options" feature, I have somehow created a mess where all my usb drives are now recognized differently than before by Zorin and so QBittorrent does not recognize them, as they have all been more or less renamed. So, torrents are not seeding. In trying to straighten this out, I have created the even bigger problem of no longer being able to boot straight to my GUI/desktop on startup and instead have to jump through a lot of hoops just to get to a terminal and boot from there. I can't even get to a terminal via Ctrl+Alt+F1 as the machine starts.

I've tried both the automatic and manual settings with no luck.

I do not get any errors when I run "sudo mount -a"

  1. Anybody know what the default settings for my boot drive under Gnome Disks might be? I know I should have written them down before diving in, but foolishly did not.

  2. Is there a way to upgrade from 12.4 without doing a re-install?

Really hadn't planned on things getting this effed up and have wasted waaaay too much time already. What a day.



Hello Scott, I am so sorry to hear about all that you have gone through. Nothing like computer problems to really ruin ones day.

Are you aware that Zorin OS is up to version 16 now? I am thinking the best thing for you to do is to download and install version 16. Or is the reason you never did that, because the machine is too old for 16?

As far as my trying to answer your question about default settings. All I know is to make sure they are setup like this in the DISKS Utility in EDIT MOUNT OPTIONS

As you can see, I have mount at startup checked, as well as show in interface.

There is no way of us knowing all the changes you made. My highest level recommendation is just to do a fresh install, and again, I recommend Zorin OS 16. Trying to figure this out manually, would be like trying to go through millions of lines of code looking for an undoo file.

Backup your important data so you don't lose it. Then do a fresh install. FYI, OS 12.4 is no longer supported so if nothing else, you should install OS 16 for security reasons at the very least.

I was pretty sure you'd say that. I can't even remember when I installed 12.4. Any way to figure that out?


I set up Gnome Disks as you describe and I still have to wait and wait while (what I believe is called) a Grub Menu loads and then go from there to, many password prompts later, a terminal and then to the uncluttered desktop with yet another password prompt. Takes about three minutes to get to the desktop, compared to 30secs previously.

I really liked 12.4. Sorry to see it go. Am always backed up. Will give 16.0 a try. Or maybe 15.3 Lite.



My recommendations are as follows...

(1) Download Zorin OS 16 from the official Zorin website.

(2) Double check the SHA256 HASH to make sure it passes.

(3) If your able to use Linux to do the burning, I would strongly recommend Popsicle APP, as in my opinion its the best, plus it has a build in HASH checker.

(4) Double check to insure that SECURE BOOT & FAST BOOT are disabled in the BIOS.

(5) Boot into the Zorin ISO

(6) Tell zorin you want to erase disk and install Zorin OS 16.

(7) Follow all onscreen instructions and prompts.

Lastly, if you have any issues, start a new thread with Zorin OS 16 in the title, as well as the issue you are having. We will do our best to help you


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Thanks, I probably won't get to this until the weekend. Been a while since I've done an install. They usually go pretty smoothly (famous last words).

Thanks for all your help. Look after yourself.

12.4 = year 2012 and the month april. Pretty old

Huh? Zorin OS 12.4 was released in 2017. (Zorin OS 12 was released in Nov. 2016.)

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Oh my mistake, most distros use year and month for their releases

Zorin buncha rebels.

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Version Date Features/Notes Ref(s)
Zorin OS 1.0 1 July 2009 Initial release [12]
Zorin OS Limited Edition '09 7 December 2009
Zorin OS 2 1 January 2010 5 different varieties: Core, Gaming, Multimedia, Educational, Ultimate
Zorin OS 3 10 June 2010 Zorin OS Look Changer added, installation slideshow tutorial
Zorin OS 4 22 December 2010 Improved file manager, performance improvements
Zorin OS 5 6 June 2011 Core and Ultimate available; new theme, updated software, Zorin-specific program improvements
Zorin OS 5.1 23 August 2011 Updated Linux Kernel, aesthetic updates
Zorin OS 6 18 June 2012 Core and Ultimate available; new desktop environment, "Zorin Look Changer"
Zorin OS 6.1 8 November 2012 Updated kernel & software, security updates
Zorin OS 6.2 27 February 2013 "Zorin Menu" update, stability improvements
Zorin OS 6.3 14 May 2013 Updated kernel
Zorin OS 7 10 June 2013 Core and Ultimate available; updated software, Linux kernel 3.8, design overhaul
Zorin OS 6.4 28 August 2013 Updated kernel and software
Zorin OS 8 27 January 2014 Core and Ultimate available; updated software, UI improvements, Zorin theme changer[13]
Zorin OS 9 15 July 2014 Core and Ultimate available; stability improvements, Firefox support, more themes
Zorin OS 10 1 August 2015 Default application refresh, performance & security improvements
Zorin OS 11 3 February 2016 Core and Ultimate available; new default applications, desktop user experience overhaul
Zorin OS 12 18 November 2016 New Zorin Desktop, activities overview, search revamp[14]
Zorin OS 12.1 27 February 2017 Bug fixes, new desktop features, performance improvements
Zorin OS 12.2 8 September 2017 Desktop refinements, performance and stability improvements
Zorin OS 12.3 16 March 2018 Wine compatibility built-in, Direct3D 10 & 11 support[15]
Zorin OS 12.4 13 September 2018 Linux kernel 4.15, performance improvements, software update process streamlining[16]
Zorin OS 15 5 June 2019 Performance improvements, Zorin Connect (Android sync notifications), New desktop theme, Touch Layout functions, Flatpak support, New System font[1]
Zorin OS 15.2 5 March 2020 Stronger security and hardware compatibility[1]
Zorin OS 15.3 8 September 2020 Works better with the updated LibreOffice. Improved hardware compatibility and security.[1]
Zorin OS 16 Beta June-July 2021 Added many Visual changes, Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Added Flatpak support out of the box.[2]
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