Trouble installing Zorin Core 16 Windows 10 Pro

This means that Windows is also MBR, not EFI/GPT. If installing Zorin, you want to stay consistent between the two.
If Windows is installed and using MBR you need to boot Zorin and install to MBR, not create an EFI partition.
Can you explore your computers BIOS Settings and see if you can set settings in the Boot Tab that offer;
Boot Priority: Legacy First
Or if you can add USB Stick to the Boot Queue

In USB configuration there is Mass Storage Devices:

underneath it shows the USB flash disk and it is set to auto.

The other options are besides auto are: floppy, forced fdd, hard disk and cd-rom

Should be fine...
Intel UHD 600 should be, too...

This is very puzzling.

Would you like more computer specs?

You can list year, make and model - it may help some of us to look up the BIOS settings...

You are Certain that Fast Boot or Fast Start up is disabled in Windows Control Panel settings, right?

When you boot Zorin LiveUSB, do you see the grub screen that offers to

  • Try or Install Zorin
  • Install Zorin

Or does it fail to show that screen?

Fast boot and fast startup are disabled.

I do not see the installation screen when i choose usb to boot, just a black screen.

Here are the specs for the laptop:

Coolby XealBook 2022 14.1" Ultra-thin Laptop

OS is Windows 10 Pro

You can find it and the rest of the specs on amazon.

This is a Chromebook?

No, it is not.

Ok, I just looked up the specs on the Coolby Website.

I can see nothing obvious as to why this is not working. At all. This is a pretty new machine...
Even if it was the kernel - it would still boot grub and still be able to install.

This likely rules out Graphics driver issues.

Secure boot being enabled could cause this - but you clearly pointed out you disabled that.

The only remaining thing I can think of is the CSM or MBR issue mentioned above...

I tried bootrec /fixmbr + /fixboot + /scanos + /rebuildbcd
in advanced startup command prompt.

Not sure if it did anything to help.

Well if the boot of LiveUSB hasn't changed...
Rian, I am stumped. :neutral_face:

Thank you for all your help, I hope I didn't keep you up too late.

Let me know if you find another solution in the future.

3:39 am here...
I will keep looking around.

Contacted the manufacturers and got a response.

Just did a fresh installation of Zorin Core on laptop.

There was another option in BIOS that needed to be selected under:

Chipset - South Bridge - OS - Linux

Thank you again for your help last month.

Wow... It honestly did not occur to me that the manufacturer would have such a thing...