Trouble with backups to Google Drive

After warnings to backup precious files before trying to resize partitions, I seem to be progressing toward that goal at a crawl. Since Deja Dup shows Google Drive as a storage option, I tried that. System monitor shows data being uploaded (no progress bar in Dup, tsk tsk), up to a point. At 1.1 GB things came to a halt on the monitor and a popup said “Backup failed - unable to authenticate” [or somesuch]. But in Chromium my Gdrive acct does indeed show 16 uploads @25MB, e.g. “Created 3:42 PM with GNOME”… “duplicity-full.20200831T161020Z.vol16.difftar.gpg”… Location: Home Backup [folder I named earlier]. A web query tells me Google Drive syncing isn’t Linux compatible - but as long as the files can be retrieved, who cares? Anyway, my main question here is “Do I have a successful backup or what?” Is Deja Dup giving false alarms? Should I be using Chrome, not Chromium (both operative)? Thanks in advance for any knowledgeable tips.

If they show in your Google Drive, then they are there. Possible that they may be corrupted…
I stopped using DejaDup for that purpose.

It’s faster, more organized and easier to compress your home folders as a tar.gz and upload them to your storage.
Make sure to back up your .profile, and other hidden docs, your .config, .local and other hidden software folders you may use like gimp-2.8, .mozilla and so on.
Then do your visible directories like Pictures, Downloads, Videos…
It may seem slower or more tedious, but it is a lot faster to do. It affords you a LOT more control and it avoids backing up unnecessary things.
It also allows you to update individual back ups as needed (I do it daily sometimes) by simply dragging and dropping a change or new item into the compressed tar.gz in your storage. For example, if I change a background image in my themes, I then drag and drop it to that path in the tar.gz and replace the old, no decompression needed, no new back up needed. And it helps me to ensure everything is always backed up since maintaining back ups is very fast and easy.
I hope this helps.

I just use the GNOME integration for Google accouts to access my Google Drive for backups and the simple access to my cloud storage.

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