Trouble with HS70 PRO WIRELESS

Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem with my new pair of headsets. I can not get them to work on Linux. I have no previous experience with Bluetooth or what this now uses for the technology. I have no idea at all.
I'll provide a link to the product in question: [This is not a promotion and should be considered that as is.]

Is there not a pair button to pair the headset with the pc/laptop ???

Maybe you should read this from the corsair forum. Someone using arch got it to work with usb and bluetooth BUT microphone did not work for him.

So far i can't find anything to make this headset work properly. Many users reporting problems this kind of headset.

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I discovered that my stupidity stood in the way of making it work.
I somehow forgot the basics. It works well when you plug it in to charge it for the first time. (USB cable) It will connect to your computer. You have to hold down the power button for them to start. Nothing special to do in the settings. Now they work as they should. But an annoying static noise can be heard from them. Thanks for your reply, it gave me confidence but was not necessary in my case. Sorry for that!

I hope you are not attempting to use the headphones while charging. I have a Sony headset that states you shouldn't power on while charging as it can destroy them. They are a few years old now and technology changes I know.

Um. No. I do not use 20th-century technology does not apply to me. I got these today on Christmas, and it should be no problem.
Thank you for your consideration, but again not necessary.

They are not 20th century technology.

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It was a joke.

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