Trouble with Libre Writer

I downloaded a PDF file from a government site and Writer would not open it .... went back to Win and opened it in Acrobat Reader ... I needed to fill out the form and return it .... got pictures if it will help .... I tried to find a setting in Writer that would allow me to choose which extensions Writer would open but can't find anything ....

Try Download latest version of Master PDF Editor for Ubuntu
I know that one edits.

I don’t remember if Libre Draw edits too but I recall using it for a PDF recently.


Thanks I'll give that one a try ....


Writer isn't the program needed here.

This can be compared to Microsoft Word. Microsoft has done so engineering to make pdf files work in Word. It does this by converting pdf files to a format that Word can read and display.

LibreOffice is an open source office suite, and part of the philosophy of open source is to prefer modular programs that each do one job really well. LibreOffice Writer is a great word processor. It can save and open files in various accepted formats for word processing.

Here is a list of good pdf editors that will be useful for your use case, in case anyone elser has a similar issue.


serjykalstryke ..... thank you for your post .... and welcome to the board ..... some very good info in that link .... I recognize some of those editors from my search this morning to find a new office suite .... I have tried a few and am looking at WPS Office (which can both read and write PDF files) ..... as a possible replacement for Libre Office .... and now I have a few more examples to try out ....

This worked great and opened both documents .... so I do have a back up


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