Trusting an untrusted app?

I'm mostly a Windows user although I've a bootable USB stick here with Zorin. It's not massively powerful from USB but good enough for my needs. However...

I installed a s/ware app this morning and when I try to run it, Zorin tells me it's not trusted. How do I tell it to trust this app and allow me to launch it?

Right click the file and choose Properties then Permissions. Check the box to "allow executing the file as a program".
That should stop the popup from asking each and every time.

Many thanks, Aravisian. It turned out that somehow, the app got installed as root so I uninstalled and re-installed. The popup still appears each time (even though "allow executing" is ticked) but at least there's a 2nd button now giving me an option to let the app run.

Out of curiosity, are you running Zorin from the bootable usb and installing apps at the same time?

It is possible to install apps while running in live mode but won't be resident on next boot unless it has been created with 'persistence' which can shorten the life of the USB drive.

See Aravisian's guided answer here:

Persistence can shorten the life of the USB drive? How? I assumed that persistence just meant creating it as read-write, rather than read-only :disappointed:

Any SD or SSD card has its life shortened by Read / write cycles.

SSD's are fast and that's great, but HDD's live long and fine.

Developments in modern times have helped to extend SSD lifetimes a bit. Improvements continue to be made.
But SD - USB Sticks often are not developed in the same way. "You get what you pay for" may apply in this... Some High dollar USB sticks may have better construction and programming to be as supported as SSD's on the market. But they are fewer in number.

Ah, I get it... I thought swarfendor437 was implying that persistence would shorten its life even more than normal. :grin:

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