Try zorin works fine, install zorin then uses the wrong graphics driver how can i ensure the same driver is used as with try zorin

When I install Zorin, my AMD (2010) graphics does not work. I cannot read the screen at all, it's a malee pattern. However, with try zorin it's all fine. Howe can I ensure that the same driver is used as with try zorin when I install from USB?

Thanks for your guidance.


When you install Zorin, do not connect to the net and do not check the box for "Install updates while installing."
Test if the above works. If it does, we will proceed to the next step to lock in your kernel.

Thanks I willl try tomorrow and let you know what happens.

Good morning,

I have tried the install in various ways, blocking wifi, no updates, anything I could think off. All, unfortunately, without success. The install does change the graphics driver that is useless as I can't see any text just garbage.

Is there anything else that can be done, like forcing the install not to update the graphics driver by changing the install script on USB?? I don't know if that's even an option ...

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Here is how to access the grub recovery menu, to use the Root Prompt:

Once there, follow these steps to try the nomodeset grub parameter. That it works on the fallbak Try Zorin suggests it may be a modesetting issue on the bare metal install.

Thanks for your reply, however, I can't use any of the suggestions. The PC starts, I see the Zorin logo and name. The pc does not respond to anything or if it does shows a black screen until it stops and shows the strange pattern.
Any other suggestions? Like change the script in the usb stick to force to use the same graphics as the try me part ????
Thanks Rob

Are you tapping esc or tab at this point (EFI boot)?
Or holding Left Shift key if using Legacy (MBR) boot.

Sounds to me like this is a problem with a hybrid graphics setup.

Do you have the BIOS option to switch between discrete/dedicated (GPU rendered) graphics and hybrid (CPU graphics rendering)? Do you have this option in some windows-based GPU and CPU tweak tool? If so, try changing to the other one and reinstall Zorin and re-check for this problem.

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