Trying to figure out how to find a last pass extension that will load on chromium

brand new user - 1 day, trying to figure out how to add a LastPass extension to my chromium browser since certain tasks work much better inside my Google workspace using Chromium vs. Brave...I don't have the option to download and install from the Chrome web store, it will show it but not have a way to download and install

Running Zorin OS 16, 64bit, intel i7 on a Dell Inspirion 3847, dual boot

Any assistance would be appreciated...thanks

hi serrico, if you have a chromium-based browser(chrome can be downloaded here Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google) you can use webstore Chrome Web Store
and what ur searching to is LastPass: Free Password Manager - Chrome Web Store
if you can't install it, post here a screenshot :wink:

thanks @Nicolaco_08 I'm trying to avoid Chrome and use the Google stripped out version "Chromium" which seems a good substitute except for this extension thing, I may be SOL though since I can't find a work around

I'm not sure about the Stripped down Chromium.
On standard Chromium based browsers including Brave Browser and Vivaldi, the Chrome Store works just fine on Zorin OS.

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@Aravisian yes it does and I have it on my Brave Browser but no go on Chromium...I just thought maybe somebody smarter than me might have figured it out on Chromium

and you're RIGHT avoiding chrome! google is like microsoft (and like gnome, isn't it @Aravisian ?) privacy (and customization) are nonexistent

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I have used Firefox for a very long time, albeit a bit grudgingly.
I will admit that I recently switched over to a Chrome-Based browser. It doesn't get a lot of details out of me; I de-googled it independently; and it does all the things I want my browser to do that making FireFox do is like pulling teeth.
Personally... I avoid Brave Browser. Being targeted with their in-house marketing and nag-ware did nothing to boost my confidence.
Vivaldi has vivaldi-bin leaks that made it difficult to manage... It would hog my entire CPU if I had let it.
There are many browsers to choose from, but few browser engines to choose from.
In the end, you are most likely going to end up using Gecko or Chromium, one way or another.

I wonder if your issue is because the Z16 Chromium is a snap while Z15 has a apt option for Chromium. Iā€™m on Z15 with apt version Chromium and I recall installing an extension on my chromium some time back - went fine.

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I'm using Chromium and was able to add it just fine.

Open your browser, go to the Lastpass website, go to the bottom and click on Chrome, then click add extension.

It added it to mine just fine.

thanks all...appreciate the assistance...still couldn't load but I'm moving on. It just won't show a way to download for chormium with my configuration.

Are you using Chromium or Ungoogled-Chromium? There are differences between the two. If using the latter, you need to enable develop mode and add the file manually you download it will not just install normally.

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