Trying to install zorin education 17.1 and my screen is inverted

I was trying to install zorin education on the asus br1100fk i got from my school and when it booted into zorin my screen was turned 90 degrees and my trackpads x and y axises are inverted.

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Try to go in the Settings and there to Displays and look there to the first Option:

There isnt an option like that for me, also i forgot to mention that if i rotate the laptop the screen rotates and the trackpad fixes itself. (the three options i have is resolution, refresh rate (unchangeable) and fractional scaling)

Sounds like you're missing some kind of drivers.
Maybe take a look at the "Software & Updates" Application and go the tab "Additional Drivers":

There should different drivers selectable, try the top one and - if it's not working - try the others. Only 2-3 were working for me at all. The others all have small resolution, don't recognize different monitors and had the settings greyed out too.

It fixed itself after a new install.

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