Trying to understand rolling vs fixed released

I'm trying to understand the difference between rolling and fixed releases.

In my understanding, rolling releases update the OS and apps whenever new stuff is added.
Fixed releases bundle all the new stuff for the next version.

Because Zorin is based on Ubuntu LTS it is very much a fixed release because it waits for the next LTS version to push updates, right?
I get a lot of system updates, so those are just security updates and bug fixes?

When installing apps trough flatpak they are constantly updated to the newest version, so this would mean you get the benefit of the newest apps and the benefit op a stable OS, doesn't this kinda make rolling releases obsolete?

Zorin OS is based on LTS for Stability, however, Zorin OS as an Operating system gets a lot of fixes, not just limited to the LTS, but to ensure that Zorin OS itself is still applicable across many systems.
The majority of updates you get are in regards to Security and bug fixes.

Not necessarily. Flatpak may give the benefit of rolling release, but with the downside of less stability.

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With flatpak you can switch back to an older version, but with a rolling release OS that's probably not possible?

I've been watching Zorin's updates recently, and I've seen some 'Zorin artwork' updates.
I'm a designer myself, so I'm interested what they could be?

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