Trying Wayland on login

i want to try the wayland method but i can't see the gear cog at login

is the gear cog only on Zorin Ultimate or is there something i'm missing?

For Zorin Core which uses GDM3, some GDM3 builds require you to Click on your User Account at the login screen to reveal the Gear cog icon.

If you are using Zorin Lite, then you will not see a cog icon. Lite uses LightDM instead of GDM3, so the desktop selection icon is on the Top Panel of the login screen on the right hand side.
EDIT: Come to think of it... I do not think Wayland is available on XFCE Zorin Lite...

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I only ever saw it on core, and when i added lite to core

I can confirm that Ultimate Lite doesn’t have it.

I'm using Core but i can't see it, even after clicking my profile

Here is an image I searched up via the web: