TTS Add-on for Firefox help

I'm using the preloaded version of FF, As per phot is shows several English voice's, but they are all the same ( all sound like Stephen Hawking’s)
I have added 3 different TTS extensions , 2 didn't work at all, 1 worked with additional languages, But once again even in another language it sounds like Stephen Hawking’s.

Not a priority, just i fall asleep sometimes reading :smile:

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"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" novel then becomes reality, waking you at 3am.

As for TTS. I see there are quite a few TTS extensions for FF browser other than "Read Aloud", the only one I see listed above. Which others have you tried, or is it just different voices you have tried?

I wonder if @swarfendor437 can offer any insight regarding TextToSpeech extensions etc.

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TTS will only use what the system has available/supports. This used to be the defauult Orca Voice, but I discovered in Devuan that Orca has some natural sounding voices for the screenreader these days. Normally, having a natural sounding voice requires the purchase of a SAPI5 voice from third party. At work NVDA for Windows uses the same rubbish voice but I was able to get a human sounding voice using free ones from mbrola - that is free to use but is not open-source and the risk I took as enabling the mbrola packages meant disabling Anti-Virus! But it did work. Some months later after student no longer using notebook I noticed that when NVDA (now NVAccess) launched it got an mbrola popup each time before it could be used - not ideal for a low-vision student.

(Been corrected in terms of program title on a different forum - NV Access is the organisation. The application for Windows is stil NVDA (No Visual Desktop Application).

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Thank very much fella's, i'll sus it tomorrow as im not having a good day,
Thanks again i will let you know asap.

2 different one both called TTS
Dark reader ( which was just browser settings like contrast)
TTSfox & TTS-fire.
some failed to work ( circle of death )
I carn't remeber the others i tried but all that worked still had the same voice, & very hard to understand/listen too.

Cheers Zaba

I'll look at this a little later, if i'm up to it...
Thanks again.
will keep you informed

Ok found a TTS " verbify-TTS"

Says he has tested it on XFCE ,
So i have extracted the ZIP to Home directory, Renamed the file, opened file in terminal, then ran:


This instructed me to install this for PIP management.

sudo apt install python3.8-venv

Again ran.


Then got instructions to install the URL, this maybe my error ( wrong command?),


Then tried again.


Now this error:

As seen in next pic i have 'git' in the folder?

Im also curious about the German-transliterate ( im thinking for German voice?, or is this just to establish a connection to AL voice & can be configured later?)
Here the video link by the creator of Verbify-TTS.

Would greatly appreciate if they can see a wrong command or anything i've done wrong.
Or do you think it's because i'm using GNOME?

100% correct, thanks for the heads-up, :+1:

Now working :+1:
Great add-on.

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