Tutanota problem

There happens to be some programs I would like to install on my PC but Zorin 15 seems to block every attempt when I try to install. I decided to try Zorin 15 to get away from the restrictive policies that both Apple and Microsoft have recently implemented in their OS. For example email program Tutanota, spent a few hours trying to install and no luck, seems unless the software is approved in the software installer than your out of luck. And there appears to be no future for iPhone users…the main web page touts Zorin 15 like the answer for frustrated Mac OS and Windows users but frankly it ain’t. Oh well

https://mail.tutanota.com/desktop/tutanota-desktop-linux.AppImage doesn’t work?
What else is being blocked on your machine?

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Appimages do not require installation.
Perhaps this thread can help for Tutanota:

No, the software installer does not limit what you can install outside of the Software installer. There are many methods of installation available on zorin, including dpkg, APT, and using package managers like Synaptic.
It does have a learning curve to it.

I migrated from Windows to Zorin 12.4. And for a few weeks there… I was pestering the forum nonstop with questions and complaints. I think I declared at one point that I hated Zorin OS as the worst operating system, ever.

But part of my trouble was that I had been trained for over a decade on Windows to habitually think a certain way and assume that the computer is in control.
Once a person begins letting go of that, that person begins to reclaim their control over the machine.
It was a rough start.
As I got the hang of Zorin, I began distro hopping, looking for that Perfect Distro that suited my computers, had good performance, was stable and easy to use. I Have about thirty disks here of different distros I tried out.
Ended up finding it: Zorin OS.

I understand your frustration. But if you run into trouble, please feel free to use this forum.
We all can get caught up with tricky installations once in a while. Especially when using software designed for a Different OS.


Oh my gosh, Aravisian is so right!!!

That is the root core of the issue with us humans. Its funny, cause when training animals, you quickly begin to learn that it is actually you, who are getting the training. The animals are just waiting for direction, for you to be alpha, but humans arn’t always knowledgeable on how to do that right right after adulthood, something we have to learn.

In this particular case, you grew up, as did us all, to know Windows, trained on that infact. Some of us got to dabble a little bit with Mac as well, back in school. But Linux is a completely different breed, always has been. But here’s the thing, Linux used to be only for hackers, programmers, and servers back in the day.

What has changed, is now Linux has entered the desktop field, and Zorin OS just does it best, it just works. But let it not be said that Zorin has no room for improvement, oh yes. But with each couple of years, Zorin just gets better and better. So I ask that you give it a little patience.

Unlearn what you have learned, do not just accept that your cup is already full, and there is no more to learn. Play with the OS, learn about it, asks questions here, we will do our best to help you with it. Aravisian, SWARF, and the Zorin dev’s themselves are awesome with zorin.

Believe it or not, I am a member just as yourself. Came from Windows, with knowledge on 90’s Mac’s. But given some patience, guidance, and learning, I have fallen in love with Linux. And these days, I am running the XFCE desktop on top of Zorin OS, with the XFCE panel and Whisker menu.

Why? Cause I gotta! LOL Seriously though, because it allows me to customize my OS exactly how I want it. I wish you luck in your Linux adventure, and hope that you will learn to Love Zorin OS, as much as I do. :smiley:

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