Twitter alternative: Mastodon

I wonder if you know about the Twitter alternative Mastodon.
Mastodon is like micro-blogging platform but decentralized. It is open-source alternative to Twitter with no commercial interest. So kind of like Linux.

Getting is started to Mastodon is a bit more complicated than Twitter. You frist have to choose a server you want to join. There are several servers with different topics: Regional servers, servers about technology, games, activisim, music, etc.

But you can communicate with users and topics of all other servers. It's kind of like an E-Mail provider. You choose one E-Mail provider, but you can still sent E-Mails to any other E-Mail provider.

Here is a beginners guide in case you want to try it out:

I know that Mastodon is never going to really replace Twitter. Just like Linux will not replace Windows. The majority of users will remain at Twitter and Windows. But still I think it's kind of cool since it is decrentalized and Mastodon does not collect your personal data for advertisements.

What do you think? Are you already using Mastodon?


It may see more membership in the coming months.


Elon Musk sure made a hellraiser with twitter :sweat_smile:


I for one I'm loving the fact that when something "bad" or "unpopular" happens with one of the mainstream apps, the FOSS community receives a nice influx of new users. Same thing happened with Signal last year. My money is on PeerTube/Odyssey next, when YouTube does yet another dumb move to drive users away.

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Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?
That... is the sound of inevitability...

Google acquiring YouTube really killed it.
YouTube is still going strong and I admit, I doubt it will lose much ground.
Companies have done intensive research for decades on psychological warfare: The ability to maintain profits while pushing its customers base limits of tolerance.

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I read Mastodon has had a big uptick in users. Said %, but didn't give the user #'s. How many were on, how many signed up. Rumble will take some youtube users away. Odysee will take a few more. But mainly most will stay on youtube. Simply, like twitter, it works the best. I'm sure plenty of people that went to parlor, truth, and even mastodon are saying, dang, I miss twitter.

Using Youtube as an example: It is established.

Youtubers / Personalities are already present. They have already built up large numbers of subscribers and views.
It would be very hard for them to move right over to another platform.
Google knows this and knows that the difficulty in migrating to a different platform means that they can really give it to 'em hard without losing their base.

The eBay company is much the same way. It knows that the sellers cannot just migrate elsewhere and maintain their existing Feedback Scores and Customer Rapport.
So... they know they can get away with much more and push their users tolerance levels a lot.

I reading the people who lost jobb 3700 they want started another project app near the same twitter. They know how it works then they can create some neat twitter.


I am on the sidelines about Twitter because I don't want communication outside of open source communities and places to present my work.

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