Two most needed functionalities

First, the task manager need to be available on Alt+Ctrl+Del. Whenever a task gets unresponsive there must be a way to kill the task. I faced hang situation with wine and couldnot do anything but force reboot.

Second, the display resolution doesnot revert back after leaving wine. Need a fix for this.

You can have Ctrl+Alt+Delete bring up the System Monitor so you can kill a process.

Just create a keyboard shortcut.... I did. The command to bring it up is gnome-system-monitor. Then assign the keys to it by pushing all 3 keys and done...

I don't use wine so can't help you with that one.

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When I first started using Zorin OS, I intended to continue using some Windows apps, but I realized that the Linux ones were enough. I feel that the negative effects of Windows' continued support of older technologies, which discourage software progress, are getting bigger every year.


Task Manager is available using ctrl + shift + esc. Else you can create custom shortcut's in gnome settings.
For the Second the display resolution needs to be changed by wine in order to make the app's compatible, else it may crash.


When I first switched to Linux, I struggled heavily to get Wine installed and set up. It was the first thing I did.
What I discovered was that every single application I preferred on Windows, I did not need. Their was not only a viable alternative on Linux, but for me, most of the alternatives worked better for me on Linux.
This is not true of everyone.
Not all apps have a Linux alternative.
Not all alternatives work as well as or better.
For example: Microsoft Office. For many, they cannot find as good an alternative.
For me, the alternative Libreoffice is good enough. I do not need the things that others need, that MS Office has.
To this end, I stopped installing Wine and haven't used it in a very long time, now.


I sometimes write literary works, but I had a hard time choosing a text editor for writing drafts on Windows. They were difficult to use because of their outdated UI, insufficient Japanese language support, or too specialized for programming. However, gedit had none of those problems.

The advantage of open source projects is that it is easy for others to take over development when problems arise in the project. LibreOffice, which was derived from OpenOfficeorg and is still under active development, is a good example.

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