Ubuntu (and Zorin) will plan to update 22.04 to 6.6 LTS kernel?

24.04 will come to 6.8 kernel. It would be a VERY logically, that 22.04 will come the 6.6 LTS kernel update...

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS End of life - Apr 2027

Linux Kernel 6.6 LTS End of life - Dec 2026

If it will happen, we will get a really good and long supported kernel+base distro!

(Yeah i know that possible to install 6.6 with custom PPA, but i not like this sollutions...)

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While Ubuntu changes and improves its OS, Zorin is s completely different OS. As we have seen in the past, the Zorin's take pride in their creation and customize Ubuntu heavily in order to provide us with what we know and love.

As with past versions of Zorin, we will see kernel updates and optimizations, as well as customizations, that stay on par with, then eventually exceed, the base.

We will most likely see, as we have in the past, Zorin surpass the base in even this detail. Providing the ZorinGroup can ensure their optimizations, customizations and most importantly, the user experience, is impacted in a positive manner. Either way, we will see the support for the lifetime of the OS, regardless of whether the kernel is upgraded to 6.6 or beyond.

This boads well for hardware that is released in the near future, but otherwise effects very few, as not many update their hardware so regularly for it to be a real concern.

As with any Linux system, there will always be the period of time when hardware isn't supported shortly after release. This would be decreased if companies would work with Linux developers to improve kernel modifications for new hardware. Until then, we still must deal with that lull until patches are released.


When Canonical delivers the 6.6 LTS Kernel to Ubuntu 22.04 Zorin should get this Kernel too because Zorin uses the Kernels that Ubuntu use. So, the Question ist: Will Ubuntu 22 LTS get the 6.6 LTS Kernel?


@Ponce-De-Leon Yes, it is my question too :slight_smile:

6.5 are end of life at august

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We will see. Maybe Canonical take the 6.7 Kernel; could be a Posibility, too.

Regarding kernels update see the previous post.

I had the same question , i think zorin will get everything ubuntu 22.04 will have in the future

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in the meantime here a good kernel alternative (both 6.6 and 6.7)

i don't like custom repos, but it is a interesting project... Stéphane Graber are (old) Canonical employee that develop LXC containers.