Ubuntu/Zorin disk partitioning at install

Hello, I will be upgrading from 256GB NVMe to 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD
Main reason is space for large music collection to be ripped
I have run "backup" to a different drive ("dev/sda/Z17 Backup")
and will be re-installing Z OS17 from the original usb drive ("dev/sda" will be disconnected at install, then reconnected to "recover")
Q: I have noticed, at installation of Zorin, the primary disk (nvme0n1) appears to be divided into several partitions(?)
Within that, how much space is allocated for the Home/Music folder?
I do not intend to "clone" from 256G to 2T NVMe, as I want to ensure maximum "real estate" for said music collection.( i.e. applying smaller 256GB partition sizes to the larger 2TB... ??)

Also, eventually related, will want to delete all partitions on the previous 256G NVMe drive;
Aside from tossing it in the microwave, and the gymnastics or GParted, is there a simple, direct method to do as much? (briefly looked at "fdisk" in Terminal)

It depends on what you want. You do not need to create separate partitions, so if simplicity is all you are concerned with, installing Zorin OS using the Wipe and install Method (Assuming this is not dual boot) will set up the partitions automatically.
The partitioned space allocated for your Home Directory is only relevant if you are working with limited sized partitions, so if you utilize the entire drive, then your primary partition will encompass all available space.

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Do You want make a Dual Boot System or only Zorin? If You want only Zorin You can make it like @Aravisian has written and choose the Wipe Option due the Installation. Then you have the whole Plate because You don't set manually a specific Space.

Correct, not dual boot...
Just basic, straight-forward, installation on new 2T NVMe.
question is regarding how much "real estate" is automatically allocated for the Home/Music folder... (Is music folder on a separate partition?)
Perhaps this heralds back to my IDE days, where precious HDD space was specifically set aside so the OS could not inadvertently "hog" space.
thank you,

When You make the normal automatic Installation there are no extra Home-Partition.


It is not unless you specify a partition.
The automated installer will not isolate a directory for its own partition.
If you wipe the drive and install, then the home partition will reside in your largest partition which will take up the lions share of the drive.
Probably in the range of 1.8terabytes.


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