UEFI Boot Loop

I installed Zorin OS 17 on an older computer with a DQ35JO Intel motherboard. Somehow there is now a UEFI boot entry called Ubuntu, which is the top entry and default selection. When it is selected to boot, it just shows a loop with the message 'Boot Succeeded - Ubuntu'. When I select the hard drive from the F10 boot menu, it boots fine. This ubuntu boot entry shows even if no devices are connected at all (hard drive, cdrom, USB, etc.) and after a CMOS batter pull and even if UEFI is disabled in BIOS. This older motherboard BIOS doesn't provide a way of modifying UEFI entries. How can I remove the ubuntu boot menu entry from the motherboard firmware?

If you haven't had Ubuntu on the machine previously, the Ubuntu entry in the UEFI is Zorin OS... it shows the same in my UEFI.

If you have had Ubuntu on the machine previously, it may be that the machine is confusing the prior Ubuntu installation with the Zorin OS installation, which is why it's not booting properly.

I had to completely zero the internal drive, then reboot, let the UEFI find that completely empty drive (so it knew there should be no entries in the boot priority list), then install Zorin OS, to get my UEFI to let go of the Windows entry (this machine came with Windows preinstalled, I removed it before even booting it the first time), so it would boot Zorin OS... your UEFI might be the same.

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I would use the original installation USB to try out Zorin again but use the boot repair application. It always seemed to work right with Zorin fixing boot problems. I think it worked one time with Mint too. This is usually when I used to run several operating systems from one SSD and occasionally I would mess up. I don’t do that anymore but boot repair works well if the problem is an easy one. :v:

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