Ugly full text under the icon, how get(shorttext..) like windows

in windows filemanger(explorer file) u can get short name by default with dots, unlike filemanger in zorin u get the full name, i want only get short name with dots like windows in zorin.

Thunar File manager (Zorin OS Lite) does not truncate file names:

I use Nemo File manager on Zorin OS Lite. I find it more configurable.

Using Nemo, you can also truncate the file name with:

gsettings set org.nemo.icon-view text-ellipsis-limit "['1']"

Desktop icon file name:

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop text-ellipsis-limit 1

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how i can install it and makeing it the deafult manager? and it's work faster without problem like Thunar with xfce (zorinlite)?

sudo apt install nemo


Thank u very much , it's very good , it's fast and text under icon become better, and no problems with xfce now. if i get problems with it can make the thunar the default again with similar command?

Yes, you should be able to set Thunar back to default using the GUI app "Default Applications" exo-preferred-applications
Otherwise, if you prefer terminal

xdg-mime default Thunar.desktop inode/directory

I have been using Nemo as my default FM for almost as long as I have been using Zorin OS and Linux.

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