Uh... How do I stop authentication Expired and having to relogin every time I launch Minecraft?

Another question... How do I tell it to download and install the 64 bit version? Say if I did this with Gimp (about to try.) Also, how to run updates on individual apps, or do I just run it for everything?

So I figured out I could check the versions of an app that are available with:
apt-cache madison gimp

Substitute gimp for whatever you want to check. After doing that I type:
sudo apt install gimp

That installs it. To upgrade it I type:
sudo apt upgrade gimp

Did I mess anything up here?

Used this article:

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Nope, it all looks good.

It may seem daunting or even scary to use the terminal. But it really is the easiest way to manage software (installs, removals and upgrades). Now anything you install with the apt command will be updated every time you perform:

sudo apt update

To get the latest repository offerings and:

sudo apt upgrade

To actually download and install updates within that version (focal).

.deb and .tar.gz files will need to be downloaded almost every time you need to update them. This is a good reason to attempt to find a ppa/repository for most of the software you want to use.

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