UI issue after suspending laptop

Hello all! I

have been facing an issue lately every time I suspend and restart in Zorin OS. When I restart, I can't see any text in the UI and app icons look blurred or sometimes dissapear, please see the screenshot attached. This started happening around 1 week ago, I hadn't performed any updates or tweaked anything before (I'm a basic user, quite new to linux /zorin).

When I restart the laptop I can see everything correctly again, it's just after suspension.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you!

PS. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my first language

Maybe you should:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

You are using Nvidia?

Hi, I updated and the issue persists.
Yes I am using Nvidia


Can you please open Software & Updates
Move to the Additional Drivers tab.
Post a screenshot of the drivers you have - both enabled and available.

This looks like Nivdia Driver issue, to me.


I have the same issue, I also have Nvidia driver (an old 610M).
I choose to install Zorin with preinstalled Nvidia drivers.

Ho sh*t you will discover I am a French :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have you tried the 390 or 340 drivers?

I can't change it (using this window), the ratio button are unclickable


sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

No I can change the driver I use, but still the same issue. I just do the test with 390 driver.

For me I didn't care, I don't use it, nvidia is a sh*t with Linux, it's why I choose an AMD graphic card for my gaming tower.

Thanks anyway.

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