Umlaut and its use in zorin os

I must be missing something here. In my native language Dutch, we use for some words like the Germans an umlaut. But in Windows I am used to use Alt + 0236 for an i plus an umlaut.

I cannot find anywhere on the interwebs how to do this in Linux.

what are you trying to make a assimilation ( or as you put it in German context "gleichstellung" ) of with Zorin?

This guide may help:

Not sure what you mean but I am making the move from Windows 10 to Zorin OS 16 Pro. And in Dutch you have words that require and and umlaut on the e, i and o.

Here's nice dutch word for you- intuïtie - meaning intuition.

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or... beeindigen.... which means to end

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All I get is " Permission denied"

At which point?

I am sorry but this is beyond my competence. I much rather have a solution ready made / fix for linux distros. This sucks

I think everyone feels that way whenever they set about trying something new.

Graduating from school doesn't mean that the learning stops. The biggest inhibitor to it is - You must believe in yourself, first.
It is not beyond your competence. It is just new and unfamiliar.

And there is no operating system in existence, nor can one be made, that has a Ready Made Solution for all problems. Many things that are worthwhile are worth a little effort to accomplish so you can enjoy them.

If you feel like, we can take it a step at a time.
Do you have gnome-tweaks installed?

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Once installed, launch it by searching tweaks in the app menu.
Select Keyboard and Mouse:

At the very top on the right pane, you see keyboard show extended Input sources. Click the switch to ON.

Once done, you can log out and back in to restart Gnome.

Now, open Settings from the Zorin App menu.
In the left pane, select Region and language in the same way you selected Keyboard and Mouse in Gnome-Tweaks up above.
Now click the (+) icon in the large area beneath input sources.
Click on the language, then scroll down to German, Swedish and Finnish and click it. Then click the Add button on the upper right side.

Now that it is added, try testing +u.


@Mongoose okay so your speaking about the ability to have something similar to Windows (in transition to Linux ?) Then your well to use Zorin as it helps in that and I'm speaking form my personal experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

But without getting off topic.. your on course for that with this OS. Easy for all.

Dat heet toch trema in het Nederlands? We noemen het ook umlaut, kweettet


You are right of course. It mere the anxiety of living in a jurisdiction that is actively working in our parliament to rob me and fellow Dutch citizens from their constitutional rights.

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Fijn om te le-zen dat er ook Nederlandstalige mensen hier zijn :innocent:. In het oosten van het land noemen wij het ook een umlaut en ja trema is hetzelfde :wink:.

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which one? welke?

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Heb een "like" gehad van Michel, ondanks dat de post reeds gedelete was. Vroeg me af waarom dat mogelijk was.

google translate:

Got a "like" from Michel, even though the post was already deleted. Wondered how that was possible.

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Yep, hitting the like is not that hard to do.
But I wonder why you would like a post that's not visible, or am I wrong.

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Well, I know why I did.

'Cuz it made you jump.

Can't vouch for Michel.

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