Unable to boot to Zorin OS HELP!


I recently installed zorin latest version downloaded from the official site and everything went well as well as its installation I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I got this message that comes at boot time just after booting bios

I am offered to choose between 4 options:

Zorin it sends me to a console (I don't know what to do)

advanced options for zorin same console I don't know what to do

memory test I click on it it remains an eternity

memory test the test ends, there is no problem

I restart it comes to the same, I'm blocked.


Can you send a picture of the console?

the problem i cant do it because i reunstalled it zorin and know it works but the problem it can heppen a second time and dont want it, it can happen maybe tomorrow i dont want to reinstall another time a loose my documents.

its like this guy Frenchpress

here he mention the same picture

I assume your Zorin Lite is still OK and survives a boot since you re-installed it?

I suggest you routinely backup your /home partition containing your documents etc using the backup (deja dup) app. You can also re-install ZorinOS using the "Something Else" method, choosing not to format your home partition, thereby preserving your /home files.

(PS. Frenchpress is a lady not a guy. Unfortunately we have not seen her here on the forum for some time)

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so your boot menu looks like this-
And when you click Zorin, a Console opens, right?
can you run this command in the console and share a photo using your mobile-

sudo update-grub

if that doesnt work, try this -

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Yeah, how can i do the backup files
yeah for now its okay, and dont have any problem but it can appear at any time

the problem is, now i dont have the problem but i can appear at any time, i uninstalled zorin and know its working but i want to know what to do if it coms another time. can you give me all advices and will save them and try them

i just want to add an information, i was using windows 7 and now zorin, maybe i need to change informations in bios settings for this new software ? or not

See this: How to Backup: Deja Dup + which application? - #2 by Aravisian

thanks for the advice i am doing it now. if you have any further informations about what to do if i have another time this 4 options i am ready to note your answers

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