Unable to cancel spacebar preview

I really like the spacebar preview feature for a quick look at a file. I've had this since forever on MacOS so I've always wondered why so many Linux distros lack this capability.

I was glad to see it on Zorin but it's quite madenning when I can't get rid of the window.

Sometimes, when I press space bar to have a quick look at a file, it pops up a window and then there is no way to get rid of it. I press space bar again, it minimizes, then pops right back up. I try to close the window using the X in the title bar, still pops right back up. I try escape key, same thing. No matter what I do, the preview window keeps popping back up.

It doesn't happen all the time, maybe 1 in 5. It's very annoying.

Is there some secret to making the preview window go away?

Is that gnome-sushi being used?

I don't know if it's gnome-sushi or something else. Whatever is installed with Zorin by default is what I'm using. I tried "locate gnome-sushi" but didn't see any binary that matched that name. Here's what I found:

locate gnome-sushi

I am not sure off-hand, since I do not use Pro or use Gnome (Core) desktop...
But you can restart the Gnome-Shell by tapping alt+F2 and entering in just the letter r and tapping enter.
This may get rid of the popover window in the meantime, when that happens, while we continue to look into this.

this is a sign of a bug actually. I am using Zorin OS Lite on my laptop right now, so I can't check there but on my Fedora Desktop I am having no issues with gnome-sushi.

Yes I'm using Zorin OS Pro, but not sure if I'm using Gnome (Core) Desktop.

I don't think the installer offered me a choice of what desktop to use. If I recall correctly, there weren't a whole of choices in the installer. I'm using whatever the default desktop is (not sure what it's called).

The spacebar preview feature is enabled by default and I use it quite a bit but sometimes I catch myself before tapping the spacebar, and I just double click on the file instead of using the spacebar, since I don't want to get stuck with a preview window I can't get rid of.

Double clicking each file is time consuming but at least it avoids the unkillable preview window.

To use a different desktop, you must manually install it - or install Zorin OS Pro Lite.
So, if you installed the standard default, then you are using Gnome.
I checked the repository and Gnome-Sushi is included in the repo:

Have you tried reinstalling it?

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-sushi

Reboot and test...

This tip to run "r" was very helpful. It fixes another problem I see often, which is that when my screen locks and I log back in, sometimes the dock has moved itself to the side of the screen. Or yet another problem I see often too, that all the icons on my desktop disappear.

Running "r" fixes both of those issues. If the never die preview window problem occurs again, I'll just run "r".

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