Unable to click the pling or ocs link

Cant use links for assistance installing themes and add ons. Doing it manually is not as streamlined and i wanna support the creators at the KDE store but would be enjoying my pc that much faster if the feature was available. thanks for the guidance in advance guys!

I have never seen a link for assistance in installing...
Can you show this?
Or... are you referring to the ocs-url?

yes that is what im referring too. any ideas?

As I recall...
I was never able to get that to work, either.
You could use the contact us function on the site to ask about that specific.

But installing themes manually is very easy to do - Most often it involves extracting the contents of the compressed file into ~/.themes if you want it User only and /usr/share/themes if you want the theme to operate system-wide.
Sometimes, a Compressed Theme download will contain a folder that contains variants of the theme as separate themes - so it will seem like the theme is not being seen by the Appearance settings.
Just move the individual theme folders into the ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes folder directly.

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