Unable to connect to WiFi on Zorin OS

Recently installed Zorin OS on my laptop and I am not able to connect to the internet unless I use my phone to USB Tether. Settings does not display any WiFi option. I disabled secureboot and fastboot, made sure that my WiFi toggle switch is not turning it off and checked BIOS for any network options, despite there being none. I do have a TPM chip but I doubt it is affecting anything.

I am fairly new to linux and I just wanted something less tied in than Windows as I was having a lot of issues. I did have WiFi on Windows 11 however so this can't be a problem with my laptop itself.

Can you please post the output from terminal for

sudo lshw -C network

Let's determine what your hardware is to see if you need a driver for it.

Hello, this is the output I get from the terminal:

       description: Network controller
       product: Intel Corporation
       vendor: Intel Corporation
       physical id: 14.3
       bus info: pci@0000:00:14.3
       version: 20
       width: 64 bits
       clock: 33MHz
       capabilities: pm msi pciexpress msix bus_master cap_list
       configuration: driver=iwlwifi latency=0
       resources: iomemory:600-5ff irq:16 memory:6003204000-6003207fff
       description: Ethernet interface
       product: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
       vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
       physical id: 0
       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
       logical name: enp1s0
       version: 15
       serial: 40:c2:ba:26:92:53
       capacity: 1Gbit/s
       width: 64 bits
       clock: 33MHz
       capabilities: pm msi pciexpress msix bus_master cap_list ethernet physical tp mii 10bt 10bt-fd 100bt 100bt-fd 1000bt-fd autonegotiation
       configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=r8169 driverversion=5.15.0-91-generic firmware=rtl8168h-2_0.0.2 02/26/15 latency=0 link=no multicast=yes port=twisted pair
       resources: irq:16 ioport:3000(size=256) memory:52004000-52004fff memory:52000000-52003fff

It shows Larry Fingers wifi driver as in use.

Which kernel are you using?

uname -r

Terminal states that I am using kernel 5.15.0-91-generic

Please upgrade to 6.2 using this method - then reboot and test:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-6.02

I ran sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline and it completed. Then ran sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-6.02 and it said the following errors:

E: Unable to locate package linux-generic-6.02
E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'linux-generic-6.02'

My mistake- I see now that repository has removed 6.2 and is offering 6.3 or 6.6 now.

sudo apt install linux-generic-6.03

or, if you want the latest:

sudo apt install linux-generic-6.06

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