Unable to connect to Zorin Hotspot from Android

Hi. Newbie here...I have created a hot spot ( 16.2 Pro), my 2 Android devices can see it but are "unable to connect". I have searched and tried many things to correct this to no avail. The password is correct, wifi is working, tried 5g and 2.4, disabled driver and re enabled, updated all software. The one thing that stands out to me at this point is that even though I have created a hot spot and their is a big red button offering to turn it off, the option to turn on the hot spot is still available, clicking it runs through the steps as usual. Something is amiss! Any suggestions appreciated.

Is this a notification that you are seeing?
Are you seeing it on the Android device or on the computer?
What version of Android?

And how are you connecting to the internet on your computer?