Unable to Disable Screen Lock


In the Privacy section of the Settings menu, I have "Screen Lock" toggled to Off. I walk away, and after 15 minutes, the screen blanks, and then after 30 minutes, my computer puts itself to sleep as I have set it up to do. When I come back and tap a button on the keyboard to wake it back up, I would expect, since I have "Screen Lock" toggled off, that my computer would resume at the same screen that it was showing when I walked away. Instead, I am presented with a lock screen that requires me to enter my password before I can get back to my desktop.

Might someone please offer me up a suggestion on how I can disable the screen lock?

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Commands To Disable Screen Lock

Hope this helps! :+1:

Hey, that worked! Thanks, @StarTreker ! LL&P :vulcan_salute:

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Your very welcome! Just mark my advice post above as solution so that everybody knows how to do this when they make a search on the site. Thanks! :+1: