Unable to edit/remove Favorites shortcuts in Zorin Lite Menu

Windows user here migrating over, I have Zorin Lite.
So far so good, I noticed that in my "Start Menu" (is this called the Zorin Menu?) some new shortcuts appeared on their own. See the attached image.
They are all of my username with the home icon next to them. I assume they are shortcuts to my "home directory".
I've spent about 2 hours so far trying to remove or edit what is being displayed on that menu, no luck. Would love some clarification on what to do to remove these items.
I'd also like some clarification as to what all this is actually called. The start menu? Are these items I'm referring to called Favorites? Or quick launch items? I have no idea and not knowing that has made my attempts at googling the issue useless.

Thank you

It is called the Zorin Menu or the App Menu.

Yes, quick launch on the right pane.

As for your extra folders - Can you launch the file manager (Thunar) and click the up arrow icon on the toolbar One Time.
Examine what directories are there and list any you find.

There is only one "hummer" directory after hitting the up arrow in the Thunar file manager.
The additional three that show up on the panel are simply shortcuts I suppose, but I don't know how to remove them. Right clicking on them does nothing.
In general, where would I configure whats being displayed on there? I would like Picture or Music to be displayed there.
Alternatively, a command that would reset the entire Zorin Menu would be useful to know.

Gday @Hummer , Welcome to the community!

How did you create the installation device(Which program did you use)?
Did you Checksum the download?
Is this dual boot or just Zorin OS on the machine?
To me it looks like a corrupt install/download/etc.

Can you recall any actions that may have created them?

I was playing with the taskbar a lot as I did not understand how to add and arrange quick launch items properly at first.
I disabled and reset the entire taskbar a few times and went through various menus trying to resolve it which I eventually did. I must have done something then, but I couldn't tell you anything specific.

If this is some really obscure issue, I can just reinstall the OS as I have nothing setup yet. No big deal.
I thought it might just be a simple option that I can't find.
But regardless of those duplicate items, how would I change which shortcuts are listed on that specific panel?

As for the install file, I downloaded it from the official website and created a bootable USB using Rufus. It seems to work fine, I think its far more likely my illiteracy on Zorin is the root cause of the problem.
No checksum was performed. Its an older laptop from 2014, I formated it entirely, its not a dual boot system.

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Yours and mine both, in this case. I use Zorin OS Lite and in Lite, right clicking the panel (taskbar) brings up settings that follow.
But when I tested Zorin OS 16 Core, I found the Right Click functionality added to the Gnome Desktop to be baffling. And it was not so easy to revert things back...
I am not a Gnome user... So I was not too embarrassed about it and asked how to untangle it on the forum but in the end, I reinstalled the OS, as well.

I am not on Gnome now and I cannot just play with the panel settings to see if I can figure it out- though perhaps one of the Gnome Users of the board may willingly rise to the occasion.

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I would recommend a fresh install of Zorin OS again.
Remember to backup anything you wish to keep.

Will do; thank you guys for assisting.

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I have the same issue of three additional "chris" homes in the quick launch menu. I have Zorin Lite on two devices a PC, which I have the three chris homes on but not on the laptop. What has been removed from the quick launch menu is "music, pictures, and videos" and those are the folders that I have removed on the PC. So they can't be quick launched. Maybe Hummer done the same thing in removing or changing the name of those folders. I don't know how to fix it though and I would prefer something more useful in there but if not it's not a big issue.

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Not a solution to the issue in Zorin Menu, but a mention of an alternative: Whisker Menu.

I've got that installed in Zorin Lite, and I have no problem adding, deleting, rearranging, sorting alphabetically items in its Favorites menu.

@Aravisian pointed me to some simple-to-follow instructions. (I had to do something fairly simple to reset the Menu button to the Zorin logo. Whisker Menu is very configurable.)

In Synaptic, I see that Whisker menu is in the software repos. Or you can just put the following in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install whiskermenu-plugin

Aaaannnnd I just realized you're interested in favourite locations/folders, not programs. I don't know if Whisker does that, and I don't immediately see an an obvious way to do it. At the moment I use the file manager (Nemo on this Zorin Lite installation) to favourite certain folders.

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Yes, WhiskerMenu includes a "Favorites" category.

I can see how to add programs to Favourites, but how do you add folders or files to Favourites in Whisker Menu?

Yes, though I have never done it. I need to look up how...

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Thanks 4box and Aravisian.

Wiskers menu doesn’t look bad at all. If I can’t get Zorin menu working correctly I will give it a try.

PS I will open anew topic on Zorin menu, rather than add it here

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I just found out about another tool for quickly accessing certain folders and files.
It's an XFCE panel plugin. Just right-click on the panel (taskbar), click on "Panel", then "Add New Items...", then "Places" and "Add" to complete. Now you will have a small folder icon in the panel for quick access to various things.

I'm in a live USB (not installed ZL) at the moment so I haven't really tested it yet but it might be a useful way to quickly get to major or frequently used folders and files.

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I'll have a look at that, thanks for that

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