Unable to Fingerprint Login in Xiaomi Notebook Pro (FPC FPC Sensor Controller)

I have a Xiaomi Notebook pro laptop and it has fingerprint sensor (10a5:9200 FPC FPC Sensor Controller).
The fingerprint sensor is listed, shows in "lsusb" as : Bus 003 Device 003: ID 10a5:9200 FPC FPC Sensor Controller
i have also done "sudo pam-auth-update" and checked the fingerprint authentication, but unable to login via fingerprint.
also checked for device support in fprintd it is not listed
please help!!!!

I have the same issue with my Samsung laptop. My guess is that they haven't added support for the sensor yet. You could contact the devs and request to add support for the sensor.

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Hardware is not the Devs responsibility. It is dependent on reverse engineering by volunteers to the Linux kernel:

Oh right.

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