Unable to get zorin on fullscreen


I recently installed zorin os 16.2 on a windows computer using virtualbox 7.0.
The option to install guest additions on the VirtualBox is not enabled.
How i can do it...i would appreciate the easy way due to me being new on this.


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Go to the tab of VM and add additional guest.
A CD/DVD symbol should appear in the Nautilus, click it.
Find something that is called Additionalguestsupportsomething.run (It's out of my memory as I have switched to Boxes). And I think you can dobbelt click it, otherwise you have to launch it via the terminal;

cd <path>
sh <file>.run


sudo adduser <username> sfvbox
sudo reboot

I would advise you use Virt-Manager instead. I only get small screen at login but I get it full screen once logged in (Have taken a screenshot with box at top to allow to shrink as windowed VM:

Desktop quality is far superior to Virtual Box - I won't go back to VB! :wink:

Oops! took screenshot using Zorin Guest! This is what you should have seen:

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