Unable to install amdgpu-pro drivers

While trying to install amdgpu pro drivers like mentioned here:Activate AMD Radeon Graphics Card - Zorin Help
The installation is unsuccessful and gives message that it unable to locate package amdgpu-pro and amdgpu-pro-lib32. I am a beginner and have recently moved to zorin os and so have no clue about this. What should I do?
Edit: Also just in case I have dedicated AMD Radeon RX 6500M gpu.

Zorin comes with amd driver preinstalled, amdgpu-pro are for workstation series cards such as FirePro Pro-WX cards. It will offer no additional benifits to the mobile chipset, and might cause other issues as it will use a workstation based driver, IE something designed for GIS/CAD/CAE over the standard built in drivers which are tuned for many applications like gaming, web browsing ect.

here is the list of supported cards for amd-pro drivers

Buuuut - if you need the pro drivers, what i do is download the amdgpu-pro .debdrivers from amd, and then the install will fail as ZorinOS is not a supported distro (not true), edit the amdgpu-install.sh find where it says Ubuntu and add |" Zorin after to add ZorinOS to the install script. But without a supported card they might never load, I was able to use them by swapping firmware out on the RX580X to do CAD work but warning no dx9/10/11 games would work so basically anything on Steam

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