Unable to Install Chrome on Linux?

Unable to download and install chrome on ubuntu. I can install with Zorin but with Ubuntu it, failed.

Would advise you post on askubuntu.


If you are having issue with. Chrome try some other browser. Like brave
I personally recommend it also i also use the same. And if you want a feature rich than Vivaldi
Personally I use brave as my primary and Vivaldi as secondary on both laptop and smartphone

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Brave works fine with Linux. I have tried it after unsuccessful installation of Chrome.

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Download chome.deb file from Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google

I woukdn't use Chrome unless you want a data scraper on your machine.


ya i totally agree with your point now chrome has no point to use otherwise you are a special case ,you love ads,you hate privacy

for these like user is chrome

which browser do you use ?

Currently the one that came with Devuan 3.1.1 - Firefox ESR (Extended Service Release).

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I don't know the exact problem but every time when I use Chrome, It failed. got the solution here: How to Install Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Thank you everyone. Problem solved

Your problem's' now start!

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