Unable to install gnome extensions/Missing "v6" api

Hello! I am trying to install this gnome extension however I get on firefox this error

and on chrome despite installing chrome-gnome-shell and also the respective chrome add on it says that "The native connector does not support the following APIs: v6. You probably need to update the native connector or install plugins for the missing APIs. For more information, see the documentation."
The documentation did not seem to resolve the issue.
Does anyone know how I could get the extension installed then?
Gnome tweaks is installed.
The computer has also been restarted but nothing changed unfortunately

Zorin OS 17 uses higher than Gnome-Shell version 43.
However, when I visit the link to the extension you are trying to isntall and click Shell-Version, the highest supported is Gnome 42.

It appears that extension needs further work before it can function on Gnome 43 or higher.

Are you using Zorin OS 16? If you are using Zorin OS 16, are you selecting the Gnome Shell version 3.38?

Nope, I am using zorin os 17. I installed it a few days ago
Is there any other way to get a hibernate button like on windows then, rather than directly shutting off the computer?

By installing the extensions manager I managed to download it through it, however it is still not working. I suppose, that as you said, the extensions needs some further work.
Doing sudo systemctl hibernate works, but I'd like a convenient button in the menu
like a drop down or similar that asks/shows hibernate without me needing to enter my password each time. Would that be possible?
Edit: By downloading the latest version of the extension on the github it did show me my current gnome version is unsupported, but by downloading through the extensions manager it shows up.
The github says to do this to make it work

but the folder appears to be empty in zorin os 17. So where is located the file to be edited in zorin 17?

For future reference step 1 of this post helped me

However it only shows on menu on the right
Not on the menu on the left. If anyone knows how to modify the left menu please reply!
(referenced menu)

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